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Planned Giving To CdLS

Monthly Giving

It doesn't matter when you start.
It matters that you care.

What is the Monthly Giving Program?

The CdLS Foundation Monthly Giving Program allows you to easily make a gift to the CdLS Foundation in regular monthly installments. Simply commit to a set amount that is automatically deducted from your credit card or bank account at the same time each month. All you have to do is decide how much you want to give and we’ll take care of the rest.

How does monthly giving help the CdLS Foundation?

Monthly gifts provide the CdLS Foundation with ongoing, reliable sources of funding to support the programs and services provided to families affected by the syndrome. Gifts made through this program are regular, predictable and help the Foundation make solid commitments to current programs, as well as plan for the future.

Why give monthly?

Convenience. Your gift is automatically deducted from your credit card or bank account each month. No more writing checks and going to the post office. If you need to make changes, just call the Foundation.

Efficiency. A monthly gift means less paperwork and postage for mail reminders, reducing our expenses and increasing our efficiency. Monthly giving also allows you to support the Foundation with a larger annual gift since you are spreading the amount over 12 months. You receive a tax receipt for your cumulative annual contributions at the end of each fiscal year.

Connection. Monthly donors receive Foundation publications, as well as a quarterly email bulletins with updates of Foundation news, events and gatherings.

To discuss your monthly giving commitment, please contact the Foundation at 800-753-2357 or

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